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Audition Submissions

 by Kimberly Jürgen You have the training to prepare you for the job. You understand who you are and how you fit into your local market. You know the characters you are able to portray as well as the types of projects that will help you achieve your ultimate career goal. Now you are ready to audition. […]

Hack your Headshots

After your photo shoot, selecting a few perfect headshots from the sea of 400 options can be overwhelming. At least, we always hope it will be a difficult task. Eliminating the obvious duds should get you down to about 40 potential gems. Then what? Here is a quick hack to drop that 40 down to 10 […]

Improv Tips for Hosting

by Frank Moran, Sena-Series Hosting Coach, Weekly Workouts When people hear “improv” more often than not they think of “Whose Line is it Anyway”.  But improv isn’t just about coming up with funny things to say and do with a giant foam cowboy hat.  The skills you learn studying improv are invaluable as a Host.  It […]

First and Last Impressions

by Lauren Letherer Just a bit of advice from someone who worked as a commercial  casting assistant for 13 years, and has been auditioning for over 16 years.   So you have a commercial audition. Awesome! You did all the steps necessary for you to be sitting in the lobby, waiting for your turn. What happens once […]

Own Your Truth

by Kimberly Jurgen Owning your truth means accepting yourself where you are at this moment. And if you believe that what you have to offer is enough, then there is no need to distort or embellish that truth. In casting and in coaching, I’ve seen actors upgrade a scene done in class to a production […]

How Mistakes Can Make You a Better Actor

As an actor, one of the most embarrassing and depressing feelings can involve walking out of an audition knowing you’ve made lots of mistakes. Whether you talked too fast while reading the script or you just forgot your lines, mistakes are often regarded as an actor’s worst nightmare. Well, we’re here to say something that […]

One Simple Way to Get More Commercial Auditions

You have dreams of becoming an actor and doing  TV commercials. You want to become instantly recognizable as Flo – or at least being featured in national commercial campaigns.  You’ve got dreams, and you’re determined to achieve them. So you take a commercial workshop and study Improvization, take great headshot, create an impressive resume and cover letter then […]

Improvisation Training is Crucial to an Actor’s Career

I always suggest that actors take Improvisation workshop either before, during or immediately after they take a commercial class and/or acting class.  It is important in the development of your acting craft. The freedom and confidence you get from studying Improv well will be very helpful to do better Commercial and Theatrical auditions and thus help you start […]