Live sessions are via Zoom with Kimberly J├╝rgen.

Commercials are the launching pad for many acting careers. Not only are they typically the first professional on-camera auditions for most actors, but they are also an excellence source of income and a path to SAG-AFTRA eligibility.

Start in Commercials – Begin Your Audition Journey with Confidence

New to the acting world? Our introductory DIY course fast-tracks your journey. Work at your own pace as we show you step-by-step how to self-submit for paying commercial roles. And we unlock the mystery of what to expect as you begin this exciting journey.

Want some one-on-one help? Upgrade to VIP and receive a private coaching session where Kimberly will answer all your questions and ensure all your ducks are in a row so that casting directors call you in again and again!

Intermediate Commercial – Ensure You Stand Out at Every Audition

You’ve stepped into the world of auditions, but the callbacks and bookings aren’t coming in?
Or maybe you’ve just started self-submitting but aren’t sure what to do when you get that audition?

This intermediate workshop develops your skills and confidence, helping you make a lasting impression. With our on-demand training videos plus weekly live coaching, you’ll know exactly what to do to get closer to that ‘yes’.

Looking for help with your auditions? Upgrade to VIP for unlimited audition prep.

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Advanced Commercial – Master Your Craft & Strategize Your Career

For dedicated actors, this advanced course not only polishes your auditioning prowess but equips you with strategic insights to navigate the industry. Build on your strengths, eliminate subtle weak points, and plot a career path that resonates with your ambitions.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Commercial
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