Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops


January, 2018 (registration not open at this time)

Meet our Commercial teachers and discover innovative commercial audition techniques. At this free seminar, you will learn tips to help you succeed with your auditions and a few volunteers will receive on-the-spot coaching. Seminar will be led by CBAA teachers, Kimberly Jürgen and Lauren Letherer.

  • 7.00-8.30 pm
  • Seating is on a first-come basis. Free street parking
  • Personal recording of the seminar is not permitted

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kimberly JurgenLauren Letherer croppedThis unique workshop developed by Carolyne Barry is the most comprehensive available. The instructors teach the Carolyne Barry commercial audition technique which focuses on developing each actor’s acting skills and on-camera commercial persona. This valuable program features one-on-one, on camera instruction in: Commercial Monologues, Scenes, Interviews, Product Handling, Improv and Cue Cards. Each week, students take home their classwork on flash drives.

  • Twelve students
  • Work On-camera 2 – 3 times a night
  • $ 350 for this 6 week workshop (classes meet once a week from 7.00-10.00 pm)
  • 2 classes are taught in the Valley and 4 classes in West Hollywood (this may be adjusted due to teacher availability)
  • Teachers: Kimberly Jürgen and/or Lauren Letherer

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops


Sundays, November 5, 2017

Wednesdays, November 8, 2017

kimberly-jurgen-0283This workshop was designed by Carolyne Barry for the actor who has taken Commercial 1 and/or has worked professionally as a commercial actor in a major market for approximately two years. We focus on developing the actor’s commercial skills as well as introducing them to strong techniques that improve auditions and make them competitive. Students work with Kimberly on one- and two-person scenes (using techniques only taught by Carolyne), handling products and props, improv, interviews mastering cue cards and self-taping.  On-camera each night, with students taking their classwork home on flash drives.

  • Eight students
  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
  • Work On-camera 2 – 3 times a night
  • 3  hours per session (Sunday classes are 4.00-7.00pm; Wednesdays are 7.00-10.00 pm)
  • $ 300 for this four week workshop (meets once each week)
  • click on this class on the calendar page for specific dates

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops


TBA, 2018

Kimberly JurgenIn this transformational workshop for the advanced/ professional, Kimberly Jürgen specializes in defining each actor’s unique commercial personality and teaches a strong technique that is instantly performable, based on techniques developed by Carolyne Barry. Kimberly was trained by Carolyne Barry, who was known to be the toughest and most thorough teacher working.

Only the serious actor need apply. Extensive homework each week.

  • Eight students
  • Work On-camera 2-3 times a night
  • 3 hours per session
  • $ 395 for this six week workshop

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops



Our ongoing commercial workouts are designed for actors who have completed a Commercial class at CBAA and need a challenging workout to keep their skills fine-tuned. Applying the techniques developed by Carolyne Barry, we work with students on-camera, practicing various types of commercial auditions. Each student’s work is also recorded on personal flash drives.

Students can sign up for all 6 weeks or get a FlexPass for any 4 weeks during the 6 week cycle. (No makeup classes.)

  • Twelve students
  • Pre-requisite: Commercial 1 or 2 with CBAA
  • Work On-camera 2-3 times a night
  • 7.00-10.00 pm
  • $ 300  for this six week workshop (or $ 250 FlexPass for flexible 4 of 6 weeks)

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops