Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops

During her career, Carolyne worked in over 400 commercials and was a commercial casting director for decades in Los Angeles. The techniques taught in these commercial classes were created by her from her years of experience, with updates that reflect the ever-changing commercial industry. We continue her legacy of helping actors thrive by sharing her approach to commercial success.

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops

Commercials are the launching pad for many acting careers. Not only are they typically the first agent and audition most actors have, but they are also an excellence source of income. Therefore, our Commercial Auditioning 1 class is our recommendation for beginning actors as well as working actors who need to develop the unique skills required for commercial auditions.

WORK STUDY OPPORTUNITIES – Once in-person classes resume, email Kimberly at for more details about being a class assistant in exchange for a credit toward your tuition. Class assistants must be organized, have good communication skills, be computer savvy and have no known conflicts during their class’ scheduled dates.

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops



Discover innovative commercial audition techniques as well as gain a deeper understanding of the commercial industry and how you fit into it. Learn tips to help you succeed with your commercial auditions self-tapes, live virtual and live in-person.

We’ll cover topics such as:

  • The bare minimum you need to start auditioning today.
  • What’s important in a headshot.
  • What experience is necessary.
  • How to find auditions without an agent.
  • What commercial agents want to see on your resume.


Wednesdays, starting Sept 28 at 7.00 pm PT
Tuesdays, starting Oct 11 at 10 am PT
Tuesdays, starting Oct 25 at 7 pm PT
Thursdays, starting Nov 10 at 7 pm PT (off for Thanksgiving)
8-Day Intensive – Dec 11-18 at 8 am PT

Using the tools created by Carolyne Barry, we will cover techniques to prepare you for every commercial audition scenario. The focus is on developing your acting skills and your individual on-camera commercial persona. Weekly assignments will be self-taped to improve skills for ecocasts.
Discussion will also include analysis of the changing advertising environment and preparing for the new trends in auditioning for commercials.
  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
  • Classes via Zoom and 38+ training videos on-demand
  • 8 group coaching sessions meet once each week for 1-2 hours
  • Bonuses include Guaranteed Great Headshot training
  • Improve self-taping skills

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops


Sundays, starting Oct 16 at 10 am PT – via Zoom

We focus on preparing for commercial auditions with advanced skills for live, virtual and self-taped auditions.

This workshop was designed by Carolyne Barry to develop your commercial skills as well as introduce you to strong techniques that improve auditions and make you competitive. You work with Kimberly on one- and two-person scenes, handling products and props, improv, interviews and mastering self-tapes.

  • Prerequisite: CBAA Commercial 1 or extensive commercial auditioning experience
  • 6 students
  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
  • Classes meet once a week for approximately 2 hours
  • Includes: Self-taped, live virtual and in-person auditioning skills
  • 6 week workshop plus a 1/2-hour private coaching session with Kimberly
Carolyne Barry Scene Study Workshops


Sundays at 2.00 pm PT (ongoing)

In this transformational workshop for the advanced/ professional, Kimberly Jürgen specializes in defining each actor’s unique commercial personality and teaches a strong technique that is instantly performable, based on techniques developed by Carolyne Barry. Kimberly was trained by Carolyne Barry, who was known to be the toughest and most thorough teacher working in the industry.

  • Prerequisite: Commercial 2
  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
  • 6 week workshop + 2 private coaching sessions
  • Payment plan available
Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops



This specialized, one-of-a-kind workshop is essential for the actor looking to be competitive in Commercial Improv auditions. Kimberly teaches innovative improvisational techniques that are empowering for the actor to be instantly creative in the Audition, the Callback and ultimately ON THE SET. This class develops the ability to respond, react and make creative job-booking choices. During the four weeks, you will build confidence in your instincts and strengthen your presence in the room, in front of the camera and in your life. This empowering program features self-taping and cold reading with improv scripts.

Students begin their training with a 4-class bootcamp to learn techniques for various improv auditions. After gaining this foundation, ongoing classes provide a workout to keep skills tight.

  • 4 classes via Zoom meet once each week for approx 1-2 hrs
  • limited to 6 students
  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops


TBA – Live via Zoom

From her work in 400+ commercials and decades as a much-sought-after commercial casting director, Carolyne Barry knew what it took to book commercials. And she compiled her tips and techniques in the ‘Blue Sheet’ which has been shared with all her commercial auditioning students.

Through this live webinar you will learn the Commercial ABC’s as we discuss all aspects of your audition (the Before, During and After) :

  • how to interpret the commercial script,
  • how to prepare for your audition,
  • self-taping essentials,
  • what to expect in a live virtual audition and
  • what happens after your audition.

Auditioning for commercials is not like auditioning for film/tv. This webinar will give you the tools to create commercial success.

  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
  • Live webinar via Zoom
  • $ 19
  • Includes Q&A

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops

** New Class **


TBA (one night)

This class will help you understand your commercial type and the tools you’ll need for landing commercial auditions. You will create a personalized commercial pitch and receive professional guidance on headshots, resume, finding a commercial agent and contracts.

  • One session
  • Teacher: Kimberly Jürgen
  • $ 100 for students who have not previously studied with CBAA
  • $ 50 for returning students
Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops



Our ongoing commercial workouts are designed for actors who have completed a Commercial class at CBAA and need a challenging workout to keep their skills fine-tuned. Applying the techniques developed by Carolyne Barry, we work with students on-camera, practicing various types of commercial auditions. Each student’s work is also recorded on personal flash drives.

Students can sign up for all 6 weeks or get a FlexPass for any 4 weeks during the 6 week cycle. (No makeup classes.)

  • Twelve students
  • Pre-requisite: Commercial 1 or 2 with CBAA
  • Work On-camera 2-3 times a night
  • 7.00-10.00 pm
  • $ 300  for this six week workshop (or $ 250 FlexPass for flexible 4 of 6 weeks)