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Actors Must Know Their Type

I believe one of the big mistakes many actors make is not being clear on their type (or as often referred to as a brand). Most believe that they “are actors and can play many roles”. In a majority of theatre productions, you can because of the distance between the actor and audience. But on-camera, […]

How to Select The Best Acting Teacher For Your Career

So many actors choose their acting teachers for the wrong reasons: either they select one who is less money, offering some kind of deal, located close to where they live, recommended by unqualified sources, they know actors in the class or ONLY because the teacher is or has been a casting director. These are not […]

Why You Won’t Book the Commercial…

…Even when you did a great audition I am sure you have wanted to know why you do not book Commercials when you feel you have done a great audition (and even when those running the session have let you know you did a great audition). You might get an avail or are put on “Hold” but […]

Confidence – The Actor’s Most Empowering Necessity

In the acting business, actors must have confidence in their talents and themselves in order to deal with the challenges and always be able to bring their best game to their meetings, auditions and work. Confidence is an essential “personal tool” for everyone but especially for actors and performers. For many actors, confidence is innate. […]

Keys To A Successful Commercial Audition

If you’re an actor looking to book regular gigs, you’ll find that commercial acting can be very rewarding – not to mention lucrative!  From local commercials to massive nationwide campaigns, commercials can provide your acting career with a significant launching pad.  What’s more, many commercial actors are as famous as beloved movie stars; just take […]

Why Meisner Classes Can Improve Your Acting

When it comes to landing plum roles in movies and television shows, your ability to conjure up different emotions in an instant can make or break your success.  After all, you only have a few minutes to impress casting directors at auditions – and if you can’t conjure up certain emotions with a snap of […]

Announcing New Musical Theatre Class Led By Michael Donovan

If you’ve caught the musical theatre bug at your favorite Broadway show – or even from binge-watching hit shows and movies like “Glee” and “Pitch Perfect” – you’ll be excited to learn that master talent teacher Carolyne Barry is offering a new musical theatre class.  This comprehensive eight-week workshop is led by none other than […]

How Improv Can Help Your Acting Skills

Once upon a time, improv was limited to dingy and dimly-lit theaters, where a group of students or actors would gather together to get a few laughs from a small audience.  Now, thanks in part to the popularity of improv shows and the rise of improvisational TV shows and movies, it’s become more important than […]

Commercial Audition Classes

When it comes to landing a commercial – whether it’s local or a nationwide campaign – it might feel like it’s all just one big gamble.  After all, you’re a talented actor who has a lot to give to a commercial – so what makes a commercial director want to choose one actor over another?  […]