Three Surprising Ways Social Media Can Impact Your Career

Lisa Jey Davis

by Lisa Jey Davis

I’m a social media maven. I don’t like to use the word expert, because every platform out there undergoes countless changes to its algorithms, or its rules, and I’m always learning. I’m the person who constantly reads articles about social media and the new tricks of the trade, and I take classes just like those that I teach. But I’ve been at this social media game for quite some time. When I was a publicist, I required my clients to set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter (even before Pinterest or Instagram became a part of our lexicon). In fact, I set up their profiles for them and managed activity, as well as created ads and engaging posts to encourage engagement. I’m now a bestselling and award-winning author, as well as fitness professional, and I’m married to a working actor. I’ve taken what I’ve learned about Social Media, implemented it and built successful businesses out of it.

The fact is, a strong social media presence that is strategic and clear about WHO YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT, will pave the way for opportunities. But it can also backfire. Read on for more…

Here are just three of the ways the strategic use of social media can impact your career:

  1. IT CAN GET YOU IN THE ROOM. I’ve seen it happen!
    1. A casting director is looking for a mommy with a comedic flare. She searches the Internet and is taken to the Twitter account of a woman she brings in to audition. Said woman auditions for a national commercial. Whether she books it or not, SCORE one for her Twitter account and her audition opportunities!
    2. A production company is casting a reality show and needs very specific types of people for an upcoming network show. They search Instagram for hashtags and are lead to almost ALL of the people they audition for the upcoming show American Grit.
    3. Casting directors are seeking a humorous, everyday mom with lots of personality to add to their celebrity studded “panel-style” show (similar to The View) for Fox. They do an Internet search and find candidates based on a combination of Blog websites, YouTube videos and Twitter. They contact one woman in particular (hint: ME), and ask her to send in her “reel” for producers!
    1. So, you’ve auditioned (or interviewed), then gone in one or more times to do it again… and you know you’re being considered. In fact, you know it’s between you and another person. I.SWEAR.TO.GOD., if you’ve come this far, having a strong, solid online presence, with a good fan base can only help push you closer to the win. It’s all about generating buzz! Every business, film, project (whatever) wants to be heard and must get their message out in an increasingly flooded, over-stimulated and crowded market. The people who are hiring realize how much more valuable a person is, if they can help move the needle with potential or existing fans/clients/etc. While, it may not make a huge difference if you’re just starting out in a field – because, hey… in most cases, you’re a beginner and you’ll be seen as one, regardless of your internet footprint (if you don’t believe me, read this), it will only help you in the long run to keep developing your voice, your presence and your fan base.
    2. It’s a known fact that Social Media impacts the success a film, television show… even radio broadcasts. To see some of the stats about this, read here. Businesses, networks, shows and more these days are looking to exponentially grow their reach by adding people to their “team” whose followings will make a difference.
    1. People get sponsorships, free swag (designer clothes, products and more), cash for endorsing something, and can win big prizes for creating engagement… I’ve seen this happen in my own life (can you say “new car”?), and for countless other people as well.
    2. I’ve also seen people lose work, fall to the bottom of the casting list, or get fired from a job/role/gig for taking it upon themselves to “leak” their audition or gig prematurely (see this article). It is infinitely more important to post with intention and strategy (have a plan, and set up guidelines for yourself), than it is to simply make a loud “noise” with a large number of posts.

Though your skill, talent and that hard-to-pinpoint “sweet spot” you have is what will keep you working, your social media presence is vitally important. It represents you, your brand and who/what you stand for. My workshop will cover all the basics of setting up your social media brand, and help you become more thoughtful about everything you “put out there.” Take my course, and after some practice at this social media thing, you just may be surprised at the ways it pays off.