Dedicated Actors Should Start their Acting Training with a Meisner Program

Many of the acclaimed theatrical and movie performances by your favorite actors can be attributed to the skills gained from studying the Meisner technique.  So if you are a new actor, you don’t have to wonder why you should consider learning the Meisner acting technique.

The Meisner technique was developed by celebrated actor and teacher Sanford Meisner.  The technique incorporates a series of exercises designed to help actors portray truthful behavior on stage. Actors are encouraged to act in the moment and enjoy instinctive moments with fellow actors, rather than sticking to a fixed intellectual interpretation of a scene.

Benefits of the Meisner Technique

Gives you the confidence to face any project that comes your way, because it teaches you how to quickly get into any character.

Demonstrates the tools of expression you need to make your portrayals believable, by tapping into your own emotions.

Helps to bring out the best in you as an actor, as you learn to recognize the freedom you have to explore real emotions for every role.

Teaches you to listen and practice real communication, so that your acting becomes spontaneous.

By signing up for Meisner technique classes you will certainly experience growth as an actor.

Now that you know why, you should consider learning the Meisner technique.  At the award-winning Carolyne Barry Creative Ent., in Los Angeles, CA, Meisner technique classes are available from the beginner to the advanced levels, and we remain true to Meisner’s original material. Give us a call today at (323) 654-2212, or email

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