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Business Essentials

Business Essentials by Kimberly Jurgen One of the first things Carolyne would ask actors that she coached was – are you 1) curious to see if this industry is for you or 2) casually interested in acting as a hobby or 3) serious about a career in the entertainment industry? If you answered 1 or 2, then […]

New Year Resolutions

A Template for New Year’s Resolutions for Performers created by Kimberly Jurgen, Commercial & Career teacher   I, ________________________, create this contract to assist me in achieving my career goal of ___________________________.   RESOLVED, to achieve my goal, I am willing to _________________. I am not willing to ________________________. (This can be the types of projects […]


by Lauren Letherer – Commercial Auditioning Teacher   Waiting. It’s one of those things that is associated with acting. You wait to get auditions. Then you wait to hear if you get a callback. You wait through avails. THEN, if you do get the job, you usually spend a lot of time waiting in a trailer […]

Free Tool for Cold Reading

Free Tool to Help with Cold Reading by Kimberly Jurgen   I’m not gonna make you wait for it. Let’s cut to the chase. The free magic tool is reading aloud. And here is why you do it. Most of the time, when you hear your own speaking voice, you are making sounds and saying […]

4 Things Actors Learn from Olympic Athletes

The Olympic creed states: “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.” Artists can learn a lot from this ideal. Skill + Passion. Of course, not everyone who tries out makes the team. But that doesn’t diminish their love of […]

Audition Submissions

 by Kimberly Jürgen You have the training to prepare you for the job. You understand who you are and how you fit into your local market. You know the characters you are able to portray as well as the types of projects that will help you achieve your ultimate career goal. Now you are ready to audition. […]

Hack your Headshots

After your photo shoot, selecting a few perfect headshots from the sea of 400 options can be overwhelming. At least, we always hope it will be a difficult task. Eliminating the obvious duds should get you down to about 40 potential gems. Then what? Here is a quick hack to drop that 40 down to 10 […]

Improv Tips for Hosting

by Frank Moran, Sena-Series Hosting Coach, Weekly Workouts When people hear “improv” more often than not they think of “Whose Line is it Anyway”.  But improv isn’t just about coming up with funny things to say and do with a giant foam cowboy hat.  The skills you learn studying improv are invaluable as a Host.  It […]