Why Meisner Classes Can Improve Your Acting

When it comes to landing plum roles in movies and television shows, your ability to conjure up different emotions in an instant can make or break your success.  After all, you only have a few minutes to impress casting directors at auditions – and if you can’t conjure up certain emotions with a snap of your fingers, you might end up missing out on great parts.

So what’s the answer to this problem?  Simple: Learn the Meisner acting technique with Carolyne Barry, a master talent teacher based in the Los Angeles area.  Students of Carolyne Barry and her fellow teachers – including notable names on the screen and on the stage – have been lining up to experience the transformative powers of the Meisner acting technique.

Now it’s your turn.

What Is The Meisner Acting Technique?

The Meisner technique is a unique acting skill that helps students learn how to tap into their emotions on demand.  For actors who need to cry on demand or demonstrate absolute joy within the space of a few seconds, the Meisner technique can provide them with the tools and techniques they need to succeed.  Thanks to the Meisner technique, more actors can display the kind of range and skill that helps book shows and movies.

The Meisner technique focuses on cultivating the actor’s skills and emotional freedom to expand the imagination, which is an actor’s greatest tool.  The goal of this technique is to take the pressure off to “perform,” meaning a performance will be more natural than simply mimicking certain emotions.  Meisner work focuses on expanding the actor’s ability to listen, respond, and live truthfully in every moment, utilizing basic repetition exercises that form the foundation of Sandy Meisner’s technique.

The Meisner Technique at Carolyne Barry’s School for Acting

Students who want to master the Meisner technique will be delighted to discover a range of classes for beginners, intermediate performers, and even advanced Meisner actors.  Meisner acting classes are taught by a range of professionals, all of who have dozens of acting credits to their own name.

Whether you want to light up the stages of Broadway or want your own star on the Hollywood Boulevard, sign up for one of Carolyne Barry’s Meisner acting workshops at www.carolynebarry.com.





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