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  • Exclusive Industry Insights: Uncover the critical elements of non-union commercial audition notices.
  • Essential Tools: Learn the two key things you need to start your audition journey.
  • Diverse Audition Experiences: Explore the three types of commercial auditions and how to excel in each.
  • Live Coaching Opportunities: Volunteer and receive personalized coaching to hone a skill that dominates 80% of auditions.

Elevate Your Skills, Boost Your Confidence, and Step into the Spotlight. Our expert-led classes are designed to propel you from aspiration to action. Whether you’re a seasoned actor or just starting out, these sessions are your gateway to mastering the art of commercial auditions.

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Carolyne Barry

Continuing a Legacy of Authenticity

During her career, Carolyne Barry worked in over 400 commercials and was a commercial casting director for decades in Los Angeles. We continue her legacy of helping actors thrive by sharing innovative techniques that lead to commercial bookings.

Carolyne’s vision thrives in today’s actors. Discover and embrace your true self with CBAA.

Hi! I’m Kimberly J├╝rgen. I worked closely with Carolyne and she entrusted me to carry on her work and her legacy. I’ve been a trailblazer in the realm of audition coaching. My commitment to your success is unparalleled.

With over 25 years as a seasoned professional in TV, film, commercials, and theatre, I draw from a rich tapestry of experience that elevates my coaching to extraordinary heights. A graduate of Emory University and a former Artistic Director at Atlanta Classical Theatre, I have empowered countless actors in Atlanta and LA as a career coach.

Elevate your craft, navigate auditions with finesse, and forge an unassailable path in the industry. I am your unwavering ally on this exhilarating journey to triumph.

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