Acting/Scene Study (ongoing, 4-week cycle)

February 24 ~~ 7.00 – 10.00 pm (Mondays)

In this hybrid Acting/Scene Study class, students work with film and tv scripts to develop audition and performance skills.

The class focuses on:
IMPROV –  every class begins with Spolin improv warm-ups
AUDITION TECHNIQUE – the first class of each 4-week cycle includes on-camera mock auditions
SCRIPT ANALYSIS – each class includes Kimberly’s curiosity exercises which encourage actors to explore each layer of the script
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT – students gain a fresh perspective on the character, finding unique character behavior
COLD READING – students work fearlessly, making bold choices

Actors learn to dive into character and live fully in that character’s world. Our technique helps the actor understand and connect with all elements of a scene through deep script analysis.

During each 4-week cycle, students go through the actor’s experience from audition to character emersion with a scene partner.

    • 12 students
    • Teacher: Kimberly Jurgen
    • $400 for 8 weeks – new students commit to two 4-week cycles
    • 7.00-10.00 pm each Monday, ongoing classes at CBAA Studio
    • Prepared actors work every class; no makeup classes
    • Auditors allowed only at the first class of each 4-week cycle. New students join on the first class of a 4-week cycle.

Carolyne Barry Scene Study Workshops



In this live seminar, we will take you through the entire audition process. You will learn about casting sites and self-submission tips to help you stand out. You will learn how to prepare for your audition with tips to quickly break down a script and connect with your character.

You will learn the mistake most actors make when doing a self-taped audition and how to avoid it.

You will learn why 5 seconds is all a casting director needs to know if you are a fit for the role.

We will talk about agents and managers. Headshots. Resumes. Demo reels. Contracts. The pros and cons of doing background work. And more.

A few volunteers will also receive on-the-spot coaching with CBAA owner and teacher, Kimberly Jurgen.

    • CBAA Studio in Sherman Oaks
    • Seating is on a first-come basis.
    • Free parking in our parking lot.
    • Personal recording of the seminar is not permitted.

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops