What Makes the Best Acting Teacher?

You’ve had dreams of lighting up the screen ever since you were a young child – and now you’re ready to turn that dream into a reality.  Rather than winging it on your own, you’ve decided to get a little guidance throughout the process in the form of a highly experienced and knowledgeable acting teacher.

best LA acting coach

But you don’t want to work with just any acting teacher – you want the best of the best.  After all, this is your dream we’re talking about here.  That’s why if you’re looking for the best acting teacher in the business, consider using these search hints:

1) Look for Experience.  This is perhaps one of the biggest signs of a successful acting teacher. Hollywood is often tumultuous and quick to change, which means that an acting teacher with decades in the business has already proved to be a resounding success.  After all, acting teachers are only as successful as their students – and if they have decades of experience under their belts, you can bet that their students have gone on to bigger and better things.

2) Look for Publications. The best acting teachers will usually have a few publications under their belt.  These can include free ebooks and reports, as well as traditional published books and articles.

3) Look for a Supporting Cast.  If the acting teacher works with other professional coaches, you’ve found the right one.  No acting teacher is going to be a master in every acting niche – there are just too many to specialize in!  A smart and savvy acting teacher will have a staff of professionals who specialize in different aspects of acting, from landing an audition to using improve skills in a national commercial campaign.

4) Look for Happy Students.  Like with any professional, you should look for happy and satisfied students who have had their own successes.  The more successful students an acting teacher has, the more likely it is that the acting teacher is worth his or her weight in Hollywood gold.

Let us help you take the work out of searching for a master acting teacher.  Since 1982, the Carolyne Barry Workshops is one of the most successful, full training Acting Schools in LA. Ms. Barry and her acting coaches have trained thousands of professional actors. Recommended by agents, casting directors, and former students, Carolyne is recognized as one of the best Commercial Audition Acting Coaches in LA. The professional acting, commercial, hosting and musical theatre classes offered at Carolyne Barry Ent. are among the most successful training programs in Los Angeles  and have been voted the BEST several times by the Backstage readers.  Check out what students are saying here on Carolyne’s YouTube channel, and get ready to light up the big screen!



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