Keys To A Successful Commercial Audition

commercial audition classes LAIf you’re an actor looking to book regular gigs, you’ll find that commercial acting can be very rewarding – not to mention lucrative!  From local commercials to massive nationwide campaigns, commercials can provide your acting career with a significant launching pad.  What’s more, many commercial actors are as famous as beloved movie stars; just take a look at the meteoric rise of Flo, the Progressive mascot, for an example.

Of course, before you start your rise to fame, you need to master those commercial auditions.  That’s why we’ve collected these key tips – provided by master talent teacher Carolyne Barry – to help you come out triumphant from your commercial audition:

  • Make sure you arrive as early as possible.  This gives you time to prepare – and it also lets casting directors know that you take their time and efforts seriously.  Trust us – they notice when you arrive late and flustered.
  • Ask plenty of questions to ensure you get the right tone.  Every commercial has a style that they’d like to achieve.  If you align your audition with this style, you’re more likely to land the part.
  • Work on a few interpretations, as this can come in handy if the casting director wants you to try something different.  This also displays your range and skill, which can help you impress casting directors.  Even if you don’t get this specific role, they may keep you in mind for another part.
  • Find a partner who you can rehearse with.  Whether you want to run lines with your spouse or your roommate, having a partner to rehearse with can help you prep for the auditioning process.
  • Stay out of your own head, especially if you tend to work yourself up before the audition.  Building up your nerves will only undermine your commercial audition.  Arrive early enough so you can take a few minutes to “zen out.”  Take a few deep breaths, engage in a few vocal warm-ups, and remind yourself why you deserve to be here.
  • Picture your energy in your mind as a big ball of glowing slight.  Imagine that energy spreading through every part of your body, until you’re glowing with energy.  Once you’ve achieved this visualization, walk into the audition room.  You’ll be amazed at how energetic and focused this visualization technique can make you.

Want to learn more secrets for mastering the commercial audition?  Then discover Carolyne Barry’s acting workshops at her talent school in Los Angeles, California. Discover her commercial course availability here. You can also reach her directly at (323) 654-2212.



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