Auditors are not allow at remote classes. However, Kimberly is available for a free consultation to learn more about our classes and discover what works best with your goals.

Once in person classes can safely resume, potential students will be encouraged to audit Commercial and Hosting workshops one time before committing to a class.


Previously missed in-person or current remote classes can be made up during our Zoom sessions for classes that allow for make-ups. Tuition must be paid in full before any missed classes can be made up.

To ensure there is never more than the designated number of students in a class, we do not guarantee make-up classes for Commercial or Hosting workshops.

Make-up Procedure for Commercial and Hosting classes: if a student shows up for the specific missed class the next time their level is offered and one or two of the registered students are not in attendance, then the student can do a make-up. (About 80 % of the time there is at least one missing student. So the chances of making up a class at the student’s convenience are good, BUT students are encouraged to try not to miss. Training consistently does the most to serve the acting process and development.) For example: if a student misses Commercial 1 class 3, then the next time Commercial 1 #3 appears on the calendar, that student should contact the office for the homework and plan to attend for a potential make-up class.

If a few people show to make-up a class in-person and there is only one available spot, then the students can either decide who will get it or split the class. And if the class is at capacity, they can watch and try again the next time the class is offered. Teachers will always do their best to accommodate make-up students, without compromising the current class. For virtual classes, students should contact CBAA for Zoom access.

There are no makeups for missed Career or Scene Study classes.

Tuition must be paid in full before any missed classes can be made up.


All workshops require a deposit. The balance must be verified the first night of class, either by being paid in full or by selecting a specified payment plan (with postdated checks turned in to CBAA or scheduled payments online). For single class registrations, 50% of the tuition is considered the deposit.

Students will be contacted by CBAA before the start date of their workshop to confirm registration. If a student drops out 8-14 days before class starts, their deposit is nonrefundable but will be credited toward another class beginning within the next 30 days. If a class is dropped within 1-7 days of the start of class or if the student does not attend the first night without financial arrangements in place, then the student forfeits the deposit.

If a student drops out more than two weeks before that class, a refund of their deposit may be requested for up to six months from the date of payment. Or the online payment can be applied to another class up to one year from the date of the deposit.

*Processing or bank fees are non-refundable to students on electronic payments.


If unable to attend the first night of their workshop, a student must send the balance of their tuition to CBAA prior to the start of the workshop or risk losing their deposit and place in the class.


Whenever, a student has to be late or miss a class, they must email CBAA (ideally at least an hour before the class). Besides that it is professional and courteous, it helps the teacher to pace the class and not be concerned that anything may have happened to the missing student. (Also see Make-up Classes policy above.)


If, for any reason, you choose to cancel out of the class after the first night, you have 24 hours to contact Kimberly Jürgen in writing and your balance (less the deposit) will be refunded. For single class purchases, 50% of the tuition will be refunded. After that first 24 hours you will not receive a refund if you cancel out of any workshop.


To allow for the various schedules individuals have while in stay-at-home, work-from-home and caring for family, we have classes on weekdays, weeknights and weekends. If your availability doesn’t work with any of our options, please let us know and we will consider adding a class to the roster that fits your needs.


Every in-person class has a class assistant who will fully participate as a student in that class. In exchange for various responsibilities, assistants receive a discount on their tuition. Every class assistant must be organized, professional and comfortable working on a computer.