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If your goal is to become an actor or actress, chances are you want to hone your craft with the best of the best.  That’s why more acting students are lining up outside the classrooms of Carolyne Barry, a master talent teacher with over 100 TV and movie credits to her name.  Based in Los Angeles, Barry has been teaching students how to build and thrive in their careers as actors and actresses.  From commercial acting, hosting, professional acting, and musical theatre, Barry has helped hundreds of students launch their careers to the stars.

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Now students are excitedly signing up for two of Barry’s top classes, all of which were recently nominated at the 2014 Backstage Readers Choice Awards:

Improvisation:  This popular class commonly runs out of space, and for good reason – students are clamoring to learn the skills that can help them think on their feet in the midst of scenes.  With the rise in popularity of “improv” movies (for example, comedies that use a lot of improvisation in their scenes), it’s more important than ever for students to be quick-witted and lightning-fast with their acting.  Improvisation classes are led by Donovan Scott and Greg Hoyt.

Auditioning:  One of the hardest things about acting is the auditioning process.  In just a few minutes, you have to convince casting directors why they should pick you for a role.  In Barry’s Auditioning workshop, students learn how to quickly create characters that will entice casting directors to choose them.  This can also help students learn how to calm their nerves and prepare themselves for the auditioning process.

In addition to signing up for these two classes, many students are buying copies of Barry’s “Hit The Ground Running”, which was recently nominated by Backstage Readers as their Favorite Acting Technique book.  In this book, Barry shares her decades of experience to help actors learn how to find agents, master the audition process, and grow their brands as top-notch actors and actresses.

To learn more about Barry’s available classes for the 2014-2015 year, visit h

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