Commercial Audition Classes

When it comes to landing a commercial – whether it’s local or a nationwide campaign – it might feel like it’s all just one big gamble.  After all, you’re a talented actor who has a lot to give to a commercial – so what makes a commercial director want to choose one actor over another?  And how can you use this information to start booking yourself more commercials?

Wonder no more, because Carolyne Barry, a master talent teacher in Los Angeles, is currently running classes designed to help actors land more commercials.  As it turns out, it takes more than just a pretty or interesting face to land a director’s attention; it takes knowing the following tips and hints:

  • Take a look at whether your resume photo is capturing the casting director’s attention.  Oftentimes, people will just pick the photo that makes them look the best; but that’s not what will capture the attention of a casting director.  Instead, it’s all about what’s going to make that picture pop out.  Take a look at the resumes of working actors and actresses.  Note what makes their headshots pop.  Aim for that kind of attention-grabbing headshot for your resume.
  • Ensure that you’re using a professional photographer to help you with your headshot.  You don’t have to get the most expensive photographer, but you do need to work with someone who can translate the above vision into a headshot.  Your success can be hindered by a poor photographer, so don’t let your acting career grind to a halt because of a photographer!
  • Make sure that your resume is more than a list of what you’ve done in the past.  Talk about your talents, your interests, and other skills that would make you much more interesting to a commercial director.  With this in mind, make sure that your resume is as truthful as possible.  You don’t want to claim to speak fluent French, only to end up in the middle of a shoot with a director who is furious with you for not knowing French.

If you want to learn more trade secrets on booking commercial auditions, sign up for Carolyne Barry’s commercial acting classes today! Just give us a call at (323)654-2212 or leave your information here.

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