Lights, Camera, Kids!

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LIGHTS! CAMERA! KIDS! is a dynamic, all-new, sixty minute DVD that for the first time anywhere outlines everything a parent or child needs to know to get started in commercials from wherever you live.

  • How to find and select an agent
  • Photographers and Photographs
  • Training
  • The Casting Process
  • Pitfalls and Rip-offs
  • …Much More

LIGHTS! CAMERA! KIDS! is a complete guide to the highly rewarding world of commercial acting for children. Featuring:

  • Invaluable information and tips from Top N.Y. and LA commercial casting directors and agent.
  • The first-hand experiences and advice of the parents of working child actors and professional child actors.
  • Carolyne Barry hosting the video. Carolyne Barry is a veteran actress of over 400 national TV commercials, a commercial casting director and one of the top teachers of commercial acting technique in America.
  • An entertaining presentation that will inform the entire family.
  • A special workbook created for use with the DVD and to record your child’s progress.

LIGHTS! CAMERA! KIDS! was screened before a large group of parents with children in show business. The feedback was astounding.

Overall, the most frequent comment was, “If only we had this kind of DVD program when we first got started in the business – it would have saved us time, money and a lot of worry.”


Children of all ages and ethic and social background are in constant demand for TV commercials. A third of all commercials on TV feature kids… and they earn over $30 Million dollars a year. The areas in the entertain- ment field that require kids are endless. In addition to film, TV and commercial roles, there is an ever-present need for screen extras, models, printwork, industrials, and theatre plays.

The market for child actors has escalated to a point where children now command a large percentage of acting roles and receive substantial fees for television, film and commercials. Industry surveys report that parts for young actors in all areas of the entertainment field have increased each year by as much as 20-25%. Kids are garnering more screen time and progressively higher salaries and residuals for their on-camera work.

Children in the Screen Actor’s Guild number well over 15,000 members, with a combined income from residuals for film, TV and commercials totaling upwards of $70 million dollars. Of any actor demographic, children have the highest growth potential.

The national surveys report that non-union child actors in the major markets in the United States number well over 40,000, a conservative estimate. The two major markets, Hollywood and New York, each have over 400 children’s talent agencies, each with an average clientele of 300 youngsters. The lesser markets, such as Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and Chicago also contain hundreds of agencies devoted to children being seen by these agents and signed.

In almost every part of the country, children are being seen in beauty pageants, school plays, community theatre, dance recitals and sports competitions. As these children are exposed to the exciting world of entertainment, the need for a videotape such as LIGHTS! CAMERA! KIDS! becomes an important tool them and their parents.

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