If you want to be an actor or advance your acting skills, contact Kimberly Jurgen for a FREE consultation. To learn more about Carolyne Barry Acting Classes, go to Contact and fill out the requested information; you will be contacted by Kimberly to answer your questions and, if needed, schedule an appointment. You will be asked to arrive to your appointment with picture, resume and reel (if you have one) and the answers to these questions:

  • Is your desire to be an actor – an investigation, a hobby, a career or are you not sure?
  • What are your acting goals for the next six months, year and two years?
  • How much time, energy, money and focus will you put into achieving those goals?

During your initial meeting, Kimberly will spend 30 to 45 minutes with you discussing options for Acting Classes and Workshops.  If you are interested in the Acting and/or Improv workshops, she will answer all your questions and discuss a course that will best serve you.  If you are interested in Commercial Acting classes, you will be given a piece of commercial copy to prepare. After reading the copy, she will provide a mini-coaching session and provide personal acting skills assessment. After the assessment, you will receive a suggested one year program of acting classes and workshops, as well as information about other teachers in her program.

When ready, arrange to audit and/or sign up for a workshop. After registering, you will be asked for a $175 deposit to secure your place in the class. Then the class assistant will be in touch two weeks before your class begins with all the details.

Refer to the Policies page for complete information.