Homework for Class #1

Prepare as though for an audition. (Do not watch the film, trailer or video clips. However, research such as imdb is fine.)

The Founder — Film / Drama – writer by Robert Siegel, directed by John Lee Hancock, set in 1954

Character Description: Traveling salesperson from Illinois, who is quite the hustler, talking to a fast-food restaurant owner.



Mr. Paulsen, are you familiar with the notion of the chicken and the egg? I mention it because I believe it’s applicable here: Do you not need a Multimixer because you’re not selling enough milk shakes? Or are you not selling enough milk shakes because you don’t have a Multimixer? I firmly believe it’s the latter. You see, your customers, they know that if they order a shake from your establishment, it’s going to be a terrific wait. But if you had, say, a Prince Castlebrand five-spindle Multimixer with patented direct-drive electric motor, you could greatly increase your ability to produce delicious, frosty milk shakes fast. Increase supply, demand will follow. Chicken and the egg. You follow my logic? Of course you do.


So whaddaya say?