Since 1982, The Carolyne Barry Workshops have been one of the most successful independent full training programs in Hollywood. Our teachers have trained thousands of professional actors.

Recommended by agents, casting directors, and former students, Ms. Barry was recognized as one of the top Commercial Audition teachers and the professional workshops CBAA offers are among the most successful training programs in Los Angeles.

Carolyne Barry Commercial Workshops

 Wondering which class to take?

For beginning actors, we recommend Commercial Auditioning 1. For commercial auditions, actors don’t need a reel or resume credits. Getting commercial auditions is all about your look and your special skills. It is also the route many actors have taken to become SAG-AFTRA eligible.

For hosts, there is no one better to work with than Emmy-nominated host, Suzanne Sena. She and her Sena Series teachers have helped many hosts develop the tools to create successful hosting careers.

For experienced actors who have worked in a major market (or who have taken Commercial 1), our Scene Study class will help you connect more deeply with your characters and create complex, nuanced performances.

For actors of all experience levels who want a career in the industry, we recommend our How to Hit the Ground Running career class. It teaches the business side of acting. Whether you just moved to LA or have been spinning your wheels for years, this class will help you navigate the marketplace and create a strategic plan to propel you forward.

If you have questions about which class to audit, go to our contact form and fill out the requested information. You will be contacted by Kimberly Jürgen for a phone interview. (International students will receive an email.)

Or click here to schedule a free in-person consultation.

You should prepare for your chat with answers to these questions:

  • Is your desire to be an actor: an investigation, a hobby, a career or are you not sure?
  • What are your acting goals for the next six months, year and two years?
  • How much time, energy, money and focus have you budgeted into achieving those goals?