Twitter Tips

TwitterDid you know these twitter uses for actors and writers? 

AMA: “Ask Me Anything” is when an industry pro has time to spare and allows the world to ask them anything. Be respectful. Don’t feel you have to ask something. Sometimes you learn more by reading the thread. 

Open Calls: On occasion an agent will offer meetings to a few followers who respond quickly. If you get in the door, awesome. If not, be grateful they offered the opportunity and maybe next time you’ll get a shot. 

Inside Info: CDs and Showrunners post tips and give insight into their offices and writers rooms. You can also learn about agents who may be on your target list and discover connections to use in a cover letter. 

Lists: Organize those you follow into Lists. Keep the Lists private or they will be alerted.  

Research: The hidden gem of twitter and requires an eclectic list of those you follow. If you are writing/playing a character whose world view is different than your own and are looking for authentic reactions or motivations, DM someone with that point of view for their take on a situation. As always, be respectful. Ask a simple question and appreciate their response.