Need a private coach to prep for an audition or to shake off the rust?


Suzanne Sena: On-Camera Hosting Coach


In addition to classes, Suzanne Sena offers private one-on-one, on-camera training sessions in her private studio. To inquire about private training rates, contact Suzanne directly at:  More information can be found here:




Kimberly Jürgen: Career Coach and On-Camera Audition Coach (for Theatrical & Commercials)

Kimberly Jurgen
Kimberly teaches commercial and career classes at CBAA and provides one-on-one coaching for theatrical and commercial audition prep. She is also available for ecocast recording. For information about her rates or to schedule an appointment, contact Kimberly at: 323-654-2212 or



Lauren Letherer: Audition Coach

Lauren teaches commercial classes at CBAA and provides private coaching. For rates and more details, contact her at