“I appreciate your professionalism and genuine desire to help people. I always learn so much from you.”
Griseld Marina , October 2010

“Your forward approach help me prepare for the real world of commercials. I have booked about 15 commercials since I took your class. THANK YOU.”
Krista Woods, March 2010

Carolyne’s class is great! You learn so much about commercial technique and how to have a leg up on your competition. The technique she teaches can also be used for theatrical auditions as well. Her commercial casting director class is also well worth it. I met a CD I and was called infor an audition. ended up booking the spot!
Josephine Gorchoff, February 2010

YOU are what’s up! I worship you.
David Wilson, July 2009

I always think of you and want to thank you for my amazing start in the “commercial biz.” I draw upon what I learned in your class for every audition. I am able to go in, prepared, professional and most importantly…having fun!
Wendel Duppert, June 2009

Your technique has been invaluable. Every time I use your technique, I am almost certain to get a callback, many “holds” and a number of actual bookings.
Angela Kerwin, June 2009

“Being in your class has taught me so many valuable tools and tricks and has also strengthened my confidence and endurance.”
Sara Kaye, December 2005

After a major dry spell, I booked 2 commercials within 1 week. The use of the pre-life helped me be in the moment and by keeping the life going after the copy finished – I made the clients laugh.
Kim Reed, May 2009

I believe in you and your teachers so much and taking your classes has done amazing things for me and my career. I’ve been challenged like never before.
Amy Rogg, May 2009

I’ve been getting callbacks on recent commercials I been up for and I feel like I’ve finally broken the whammy. There is no question that your class has made all the difference.
Mary Wickliffe, April 2009

When I started using Carolyne’s techniques, I started to get called back like crazy. It’s practical knowledge that helps separate you as a professional and make you a better actor overall. Carolyne helped me get in touch with my instinct – and use it wisely
Daniel Hepner, March 2009

Never stop doing what you are doing, you are fantastic and aid countless actors on their journey in this business.
Jameelah Nuriddin, January 2009

Scotty is an incredible and talented improv instructor. He made me really reach for that enigmatic “out of my head” experience. Josh is incredible! When I get work in this industry I would turn over whatever I earned to have Josh come on set with me and help me get it right.
Jack Lewis, December 2008

I am thankful to have studied with you. There isn’t an actor I meet who I don’t throw out
your name when it comes to commercials. I know several friends have taken your classes, not just through my urging, but many others.
Michelle Murphy Pedenelli, December 2008

Thanks for having such a great class to recommend! I currently have 6 commercials running and I credit you to getting me started.
Adeline St. Romain, December 2008

I’ve recommended your classes to anyone who will listen. it is because of you are truthful and caring. Josh and Amy, have helpd me become a confident artist . I always had the tools and the passion, but it never fully came together until i started my path with you. Acting means the world to me, and i am grateful to find a program that shared that love.

Tom Musgrave, August 2008

I learned a lot and saw transformations in my classmates and myself which was so exciting! I’m not the first student to tell you what great teachers you and Amy are, but had to let you know what a positive experience this has been for me and I feel inspired to learn more.
Maria White Mebane, June 2007

“Thank you for creating a safe environment for me to explore my creativity on a deeper level and push through my fears.”
Lauren Emmel, December 2005

“I have learned so much from this class. I feel I have altered some major acting habits that have not worked for me in the past.”
Cathryn de Prume, December 2005

“Thank you for putting 110% of yourself into doing what you do.”
Jan Jensen, December 2005

“I leave your class amazed that someone can know what they’re doing as much as you do, amazed that someone can be as skilled and passionate as you are, amazed that someone can be as skilled and passionate as you are, amazed that someone can care so much about each and every one of us.”
Gerry Katzman, December 2005

“You inspire. Thanks for giving artists a place to acknowledge all that is special inside.”
Jennifer Slimko, December 2005

“You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. Those lucky enough to have found you are honored and humbled to hear your amazing words of wisdom.”
Elise Baughman, December 2005

“You have made a huge difference, both professionally and personally. Thanks for all the tough love.”
Thomas Webb, December 2005

“I began this workshop expecting the ‘best commercial technique class in the business’ but it turns out it’s worked wonders with my theatrical work as well.”
Lenora Chu, December 2005

“I wanted to thank you so much for putting your heart into your work and your students. The last time I had this feeling about something, is when I first started surfing. I loved it so much and couldn’t wait to get back in the water. It’s nice to have that feeling again. I think I will be one of those students that you’ll never get rid of.”
Tony Cordell, November 2004

“The opportunity to allow myself to try new things and have it not be ‘perfect’ is a wonderful gift. Thanks.”
Pamela Newlands, November 2004

“It has been a very good first year with Carolyne Barry classes! I have booked two nationals, three nonunion, been on Days of Our Lives 4 times with lines, done a print ad and a music video. Thanks for all the knowledge.”
Jennifer Neal, November 2004

“I wish I had known that I deserved you 25 years ago! I’ve been at this since 1977 and I finally feel like I’m on the right track. I can tell that you are listening to the soul of the person and holding each of us in our highest light!”
Celeste Fraiser, November 2004

“I booked my first union job and I’m on ‘avail’ for another. I attribute that to you and the skills. I’m learning.”
Martha Boles, September 2004

“I booked a national network commercial last week. Your helpful nuggets from commercial class were definitely a big part of what made it possible!”
Phalana Tiller, – September 2004

“I’m still using what I learned in your class and it’s been paying off big for me.”
Roxana Ortega, June 2004

“You were so organized, saw what needed improvement so quickly, and got me on the road to trusting my instincts again.”
Cari Zoch, – June 2004

“Your techniques are so special and helpful.”
Kristi Fowler, June 2004

“Thank you for such a great learning experience. I know that in the very near future my career will surge.”
John Palmer, June 2004

“You’ve helped me on so many levels and your effect on me continues to create more and more wonderful things!”
Monica Hershaft, November 2003

“I have learned so much from you professionally and personally. Thank you for your sincerity and honesty and talented approach to teaching.”
Carsen Bailey, October 2003

“Here’s a testament to your class and all that I’ve learned: I went on an audition – my first audition in many many months. I’m shooting it on Monday. Thanks for such a great class! I really had a great time, and learned mucho!”
Yvonne Fisher, September 2003

“I am moved to write this note to you having just booked a national commercial and thereby again being reminded of how important you have been to getting me back in the race.

I was lucky that my agent recommended I come to you for what, in my mind, was just to be a ‘brush-up.’ Well, my presumptive arrogance (thinking I already knew everything) was quickly replaced by awe and respect for the information and methods you and your team of instructors had to offer. Your tutelage and guidance have been individually tailored, personal and genuine. With as many students as I know you have to keep track of, you always knew exactly where I was, what I needed work on and what I was doing right.

I have been impressed at how well prepared I have become under your care, and at how few surprises there have been along the way even from the surprises (everyone should take the improv classes – they’re a MUST!!!).

You have given me very powerful knowledge, tools and habits that I feel allow me to function within the top percentile of the ‘numbers game.’ You are a master at showing actors where the wind and the sails are and how to properly rig and steer. With that has come the confidence to take the wheel and go for it.”
Guy Williams, Jr., August 2003

“Your class lessons and CD’s were INVALUABLE! Thank you.”
Kristina Molinari, June 2003

“Because of everything I’ve learned from the Acting, Improv and Commercial classes, I got the first agent I interviewed with and the first commercial I went out on. And I have booked five more in the last six months.”
Chad Brokaw, May 2003

“I’m getting callbacks, sometimes without having to go on the initial call and I’m getting called in over and over at the same casting offices. All of this is a direct result of what I learned in your class. I’m so grateful for your help, advice and coaching.”
Tivoli Frick, February 2003

“Since your class I went on and did 2 national commercials. Thank you.”
Carlyle Sebastian Clyburn, January 2003

“Just booked a national spot for Sears and am getting called back/on avail for everything. Your fine teaching is sinking in!”
Juliet Grainger, December 2002

“You’ve helped me grow and put me on the path I’ve been searching for (for 3 years). You rule.”
Jono Rosenberg, December 2002

“Man, you work fast.”
Brian Clark, November 2002

“All of your classes are great. I am so glad I found you.”
Krystee Kott, November 2002

“You’re the best. Thank you for being so tough and honest.”
Ana Kelly, November 2002

“I now go to into my auditions with a new level of confidence and expertise.”
Obediah Thomas, October 2002

“I tell all who ask about the excellence of your programs.”
David O’Shea, September 2002

“You were one of the first people I met in LA and the one I’ve learned the most from.”
Chryssie Whitehead, June 2002

“I have enjoyed and learned so much from all your classes.”
Montse Mercedes, May 2002

“Last night’s class was fantastic. I have never been so emotionally challenged before, and I love it. It has really opened my eyes about myself. Thank you so much.”
Kathi Copeland, May 2002

“Carolyne is great. I’ve taken her class and I drop in once in a while for a reminder. I was in two weeks ago and later that week I booked a commercial.”
Gary Rubenstein, April 2002

“My career shift is a direct result of taking your classes. I thank you so.”
Katie Von Till, May 2002

“Long after completing your class, I still carry the lessons and knowledge that you taught me with me…I will recommend this class as a whole to all my friends as I see them.”
Sarah Jean, February 2002

“Since I’ve been in your commercial class, I have booked two commercials (one national). You have changed my perspective entirely.”
Cheryl Burns, April 2002

“I was extremely lucky to meet you my first month in LA… You have helped me so much.”
Shannan Nicole Wilson, March 2002

“Your class and expertise was awesome. Thank you so much for letting me work with you and pushing me to do my best.”
Sergio Duran, May 2002

“I marched in today to audition for a theatrical agent. She promptly said ‘all my clients are series regulars.’ To which I replied, ‘well, I’ll be a series regular.’ So, she throws this script at me and I have five minutes to prep. I pretended I was in class and did what Eric taught me. So I do it, nailed it…and she tells me that I beat out some schmo who just came in there with theatrical credits up the arse. She said whatever I’m doing, I’m ready .”
Katie Love, June 2002

“I love learning more and more each day.”
Jermaine Hatley, August 2001

“Thanks for being so focused. You are ever the professional.”
Stephen Frye, September 2001

“It is such a rare and blessed thing to ‘meld’ with a teacher. I felt it from the moment I met you.”
Shannon Nicole, August 2001

“I really lucked out to randomly find you and then get the best.”
Andrew Berg, August 2001

“I will recommend this class to all my friends.”
Sarah Jean Frye, October 2001

“You are a fabulous teacher and a dynamic person. I will recommend everyone to take your classes.”
Lynn Menneses, March 10, 2001

“It’s fun. I’m actually looking forward to auditions now.”
Larry Braman, February 14, 2001

“Loved learning from you. You know your stuff and don’t pull any punches. Thank God! You’re also pretty funny.”
Bill Crowley, October 10, 2000

“You’re a tremendous service to those who are looking for truth and honesty.”
Ronda Romain, September 15, 2000

“Your class has been a real turning point for me at this juncture in my career…I look forward to the work we do and the fun we have. It’s a very reaffirming, supportive, ACTIVE place to be.”
Michelle Duffy, February 2000

“I owe all my success to you. Your methodology has stood me in good stead for the past 13 years. I have averaged about 5 commercials a year.”
Ed Schaff, January 2000

“I want to thank you for the invaluable knowledge and experience I received over the last eight weeks. I learned a great deal and it was a lot of fun. I appreciate your teaching style and look forward to the next class.”
Sheila Bragg, April 1999

“Since working with you, I have gotten more clear and real and I’ve grown like never before.”
Alexandra Raines, January 1999

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I have learned so much. I have grown so much as a person and an actor.”
Sharmila Devarjan

“I learned so much in your commercial class that I’m taking it again so that I get even better. Thanks also for being so supportive.”
April Sugarman, May 1999

“I am so impressed by your capacity to reach your students and how much I’ve learned.”
Marco Khan, December 1999

“Without all I learned studying with you, I never would have done the reading and been the person that caused my new agents to sign me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Rob Harrison, May 1999

“Thank you for all your guidance, encouragement and support. I appreciate all you’ve done for me and I appreciate you.”
Rose Rossier, July 1999

“Carolyne helped me discover exactly what I am capable of. Her techniques have not only made me shine in auditions, but have also taught me to relax and enjoy the process. Without her help I probably wouldn’t have booked half of the dozen commercials I have running now!”
Greg Benson, – April 1999

“Carolyne’s technique and economy in teaching get right to the heart of what it is all about – good acting through believable, intelligent choices. The results: confidence, call backs and booked jobs.”
Tony Adelman, November 1998

“Carolyne Barry has not only effectively given me the tools for success, but helped me channel my fears into confidence so that I get that job. Her knowledge and worth in this industry are invaluable to the commercial actor and those who need good direction toward realizing their market…..She helped me do just that!”
Chris Damiano, July 1999

“Carolyne is one of the most in-demand coaches in Hollywood because she GETS RESULTS! I booked 2 commercials in one week after my first training session with her.”
Terence Hines, August 20, 1999

“Every time I take her class I book two more spots. I owe my career to her.”
Juliette Cummins, February 1999

“With Carolyne Barry, I know I’m in good hands.”
Sue Kralik

“I have had my share of classes in California and I can I honestly say that I have learned more from you in eight weeks than I have learned from anyone else. You are really cool.”
Michael Jesse James, September 1999