Ready for 2019

How to Hit the Ground Running in 2019

Step 1: GOAL

Define your goal and be very, very, very specific. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there? And how will you know if something gets you closer to or farther away from your goal?

Vague goal – be a working actor

Specific goal – series regular on a Netflix comedy series 


To prepare for 2019, first look back at 2018. Evaluate what got you closer to your goals and what slowed you down. 

Look at your 2018 calendar. Each item can be categorized as forward, backward, stasis. Forward may include auditions, bookings, researching agents, networking. But also volunteering, working out, meditating. Backward may be random social media, binging tv shows. These are things that absorb your time and have no payoff. Stasis things are necessary for life but indirectly effect your career, such as doctor visits, day job, car repair. 

Also look at relationships. Are you spending time with people who tear you down? Or do you surround yourself with friends, teachers, co-workers who empower you? 

Step 3: FUTURE

Define where you want to be at the end of 2019. What needs to happen so that you look back and know you made the most of these 12 months. 

As with all things, be specific. Then list the steps to get there. 

Example goal: Book a costar on a network procedural. (See how specific that is?) Now let’s reverse engineer what typically happens before you get to that booking.

1.) Audition – often lots of network auditions before that first booking

2.) get the audition though an agent or a relationship

3.) get the agent – need headshots, demo reel, resume and have profiles on casting platforms used by the industry

4.) get clips for a demo reel by booking web series, indie films, student films, etc which were booked by doing auditions

5.) get the resume which reflects training & experience This is an abbreviated list but gives you an idea.

Once you have your goal and your list of stepping stones, start adding them to your calendar. Schedule meetings with photographers, plan time to submit for auditions, plan audits for classes, etc. 


We can help you define your goals and create a plan to achieve that success. Give us a call about our career class, How to Hit the Ground Running, based on Carolyne’s book. You will leave this intensive with a clear understanding of where you are going and road map to get there.