Most every new actor we talk to is seeking direction, what to do and where to go to become a successful actor. The first few years are crucial for building the actor’s craft and career. This is why Carolyne wrote HIT THE GROUND RUNNING to supply the necessary information, tips and insights to create the foundation and to help start a career in acting. This book offers:

  • Month-by-month two year plan
  • The major entertainment markets
  • Personal tools
  • ALL the expenses
  • Auditioning and booking acting work
  • Determining your “type”
  • Effective pictures and resumes
  • Interning
  • Marketing
  • Cover letters
  • Union membership
  • Academic vs. Professional training
  • Choosing teachers and types of training
  • Best actor “survival” jobs
  • Money and time saving tips
  • Creating a career
  • Packaging you as the product
  • Experience auditions
  • Securing agents and managers
  • Networking
  • Essential business tools
  • Building confidence
  • Plus extensive, valuable tips and techniques for commercial and theatrical auditions

And lots of valuable tips and techniques to prepare you for commercial and theatrical auditions – PLUS SO MUCH MORE.

To learn about what it takes to become a working actor and to get all the information you need to start your acting career, check into getting Carolyne Barry’s book HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. This 300-page book is a comprehensive roadmap that will intelligently and efficiently guide you through all the steps leading into your acting career. If is full of up to date information, insights, pitfalls and tips from Carolyne as well as fifteen top industry pros. For more information or to order the book, go to:

Here are excerpts from the book that will give you valuable information.

PDF - Introduction Introduction
PDF - Chapter 1 The Trip Chapter 1 – The Trip
PDF - Chapter 3 The Plan Chapter 3 – The Plan
PDF - Chapter 4 Training Chapter 4 – Training
PDF - Chapter 6 Money Money Money Chapter 6 – Money, Money, Money