“You are the ONLY class I ever recommend. Thank you for being the difference between my clients auditioning and booking!!!!!”
Noel Palm – Agent
Element  Talent Agency
Los Angeles, California.

“Thanks for making my actors sharp and ready to book, and being so passionate after being at this for so long.”
Alicia Ruskin – Agent & Partner
KSR Agency
Studio City, California

“A master and gifted teacher.”
Rob Light
Creative Artists Agency
Beverly Hills, California

“We get so many who request Carolyne Barry that her seminars sell out and we need to bring her back once a year. She is the real deal when it comes to being a dynamic and an inspiring teacher.”
Lucky Mackey,
Director of Operations , Casting Networks
Los Angeles, California.

“I always feel confident submitting and pitching the actors that take your workshops. I really appreciate the depth with which you infuse your classes; it is a tremendous help to us on this end.”
Melissa Kobe
Clear Talent Group
Los Angeles, California

“She’s doing things right. EVERYONE in her class was exceptional.”
Michael Sanford
Commercial Casting Director
Los Angeles, California

“I highly recommend that all my clients, whether commercial veterans or beginners, enroll in a commercial class. Carolyne and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and passionate. They bring out whatever is locked inside the actor and allow them to become the best they can be. So few teachers can boast that. The results speak for themselves.”
Hugh Leon
Coast to Coast Talent Agency
North Hollywood, California

“Carolyne Barry’s Workshops takes the actor to the next level of getting call backs to booking the job. She specializes in helping each actor to realize their individual personalities and potential for their auditions. I recommend her classes to those who are just beginning as well as to those who have been acting professionally and need a tune up.”
Abigail Girvin
Owner, DDO Artists
Los Angeles, California

“I’ve seen miraculous growth in a very short time with my clients who train with Carolyne Barry and her teachers.”
Bonnie Howard
Howard Talent West
Toluca Lake, California

“Carolyne Barry has created an easy to understand approach to commercial studies. Her step by step method makes commercial work enjoyable. Being able to create different scenarios, characters and intentions very quickly, enables the actor to perform well in the audition,the call back and the actual shoot. Her teaching allows the actor to get to the place where their work is real not selling and she gives actors the confidence to walk into an audition and nail the copy. Having taken her classes, seeing the change in my work, realizing stronger auditions and having more call backs, makes it very easy for me to recommend her to all actors.”
Paulo Andres – Network Director
Los Angeles, California

“I feel so good to know that I have your programs to recommend to my actors. You always make them better and they constantly thank me for sending them to you.”
Samantha Daniels – Agent
Avalon Agency
North Hollywood, California

“I’ve been sending actors to your classes for years and I will continue to send my actors to you because of the wonderful work you do to help build their acting and auditioning skills. You’re great.”
Pam Lohr – Agent
LA Talent
Hollywood, California

“I know when I recommend clients and potential clients to Carolyne Barry and her workshop program that you are going to give them the training they need to do their best at auditions. I work hard to get auditions for my clients and those that train with you I feel confident will represent my agency well when they go on their calls. Thank you.”
Lisa Cinelli, – Agent
Arlene Thornton Agency
Studio City, California

“If I wanted to pursue an acting and commercial career, Carolyne Barry and her teachers would be who I would be learning from.”
Kathy Keely, – Agent
Jana Lukor Agency
Westwood, California