Free Tool for Cold Reading

Kimberly JurgenFree Tool to Help with Cold Reading

by Kimberly Jurgen


I’m not gonna make you wait for it. Let’s cut to the chase. The free magic tool is reading aloud. And here is why you do it. Most of the time, when you hear your own speaking voice, you are making sounds and saying words that originated in your head. Which means it is your authentic voice using words and patterns that are natural and organic to you.


However, for auditions, we usually receive scripts with characters that speak differently. They use worse (or better) grammar than we do. Or the word order may like Yoda be. And it can trip you up. And then, sometimes you’ll see copy and wonder if any human being speaks that way.


When you read this audition copy aloud, it will sound odd to your ear. Unless you have created a habit of hearing your voice speaking words and thoughts that are unique from your own.


Not only will this tool improve your cold reading skills, but it will broaden you as a human being as you explore texts of various topics. And if, like me, you are dyslexic, it can be invaluable as a tool to make you a more confident and flexible reader.


Here’s your training program:

  • Week 1 – read aloud 5 minutes each day
  • Week 2 – read aloud 10 minutes each day
  • Week 3 and on – read aloud 15 minutes each day

Be sure to vary what you read. Children’s books. Plays. Poetry. Biographies. Novels. Magazines.


One last tip on reading aloud… stay with a pace that is real. Reign in your eye so that it doesn’t jump ahead. Hear the story unfold moment to moment.


Let me know how this works out for you.