New Year’s Thoughts

Be sure to look back on this year and acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments. So often during this time, most people mainly look at what they didn’t do or get. I am sure there were lots of great things you did for your craft and/or career but they don’t seem to be as memorable as what wasn’t done. Yes, we can always do better and more but don’t negate what you have accomplished – it messes with your confidence.

It’s time for a new face!

I few months ago, I looked at my website, which up until then I thought was pretty cool (because it was so easy to navigate) and realized it was…..dated. I hadn’t changed it in ten years. Knowing my site had to send the message that the training me and my teachers offer is what serves today’s actors for film and TV, – I understood that it was definitely time for a facelift. So I am happy to unveil here my new, much more contemporary, cool website. Every so often isn’t it nice to have new visuals to grace our life.