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Do You Have To Be Funny To Do Improv?

When you think of improv, do you think of comedians being crazy funny, making the audiences clutch their sides in laughter? Do you picture people coming up with hilarious speeches and one-liners so funny that you’re just amazed they could think of them at all? Sure, that’s a popular depiction of improv – and with […]

The Biggest Rookie Audition Mistakes – Revealed!

Ever found yourself wondering what you are doing wrong at auditions or what you can be doing better? You show up to casting call after casting call and you do your best but you know that you are probably making mistakes but you really don’t know what they are since you are not getting callbacks […]

The Importance of Solo Acting Dialogue

Solo dialogue can seriously test the mettle of any actor. Doing monologue is not a skill that is easily mastered, but it can make a difference to an actor’s success. The importance of solo dialogue in acting becomes clear when actors have to do a solo audition.  How can actors master solo dialogue? They can […]

Do You Know The Difference Between Actors and Performers?

It’s a popular depiction that an actor is a type of performer; after all, many would agree that “performing” is the main verb used to describe what actors do. However, there are subtle differences between what it means to be an actor and a performer – and if you study acting, then you’ll want to […]

How to be an Actor: Meeting With A Potential Agent

You have submitted your photo, resume and a succinct and engaging cover letter to several commercials agents and you have interest from one or more who have set-up meetings, -now what. How do you prepare so you will have a great interview? Before the meeting, research the agency so you will be able to knowledgably […]