Announcing New Musical Theatre Class Led By Michael Donovan

If you’ve caught the musical theatre bug at your favorite Broadway show – or even from binge-watching hit shows and movies like “Glee” and “Pitch Perfect” – you’ll be excited to learn that master talent teacher Carolyne Barry is offering a new musical theatre class.  This comprehensive eight-week workshop is led by none other than Michael Donovan, a casting director for film, theatre, television, and commercials and six-time winner of the Casting Society of America’s Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting.

This workshop is designed to provide actors and actresses with the elements they need to stand out during auditions.  With the guidance of Donovan’s years of experience, students will identify their ideal audition material, appropriate roles, “looks”, packaging, and marketing strategies.  This ensures that students will be memorable on stage, catching the attention of casting directors of major musical theatre shows.

In addition to refining audition techniques, Donovan will also work with students on rehearsed pieces, as well as cold readings.  In two of the workshops, students will have their auditions recorded, so they can get a better idea of how they sound and look during the auditioning process.  In the last workshop session, Donovan will bring in a theatre agent to give feedback on presentation and skills.

Sessions will be held according to the following schedule:

1st Session: Each Student will be recorded on-camera doing a song (with our accompanist) and short monologue. Feedback and instruction will be given.

2nd Session: This night will be dedicated to the specific roles and songs best suited to each participant.  Resume’s, pictures, hairstyles and wardrobe choices will as be evaluated as well as the best theatres to target will as be suggested..

3rd  and 4th  Sessions: Students will be performance coached (with our accompanist) on their audition songs.

5th Session: Rehearsed audition monologues will be worked on.

6th Session: Rehearsed Audition scenes will be worked on.

7th Session: Cold Readings of monologues and/or scenes will be recorded on-camera and evaluated.

8th Session: Industry night.  Each student will perform a song and do a reading for a theatre agent and a theatre director and then get their feedback.

The musical theatre class is set to begin on October 6th 2014; the workshop will run for 8 weeks, with classes starting at 7:30 and lasting until 11:00 pm.  The workshop space is limited, as only 18 students can sign up.  The workshop costs $595; payment plans are available. You can check out the music theatre class details here and our full class calendar here.

To learn more or to sign up please call (323) 654-2212 or leave us your information here.